Program Overview


Our target market is socio-economic disadvantaged (SES) children aged 0-4. ApSeed provides a customized eReader (Seedling), at NO cost to SES children for a three-year period. The Seedling is uniquely designed to improve literacy and strengthen vocabulary.

Our stakeholders include the parents/caregivers, they are vital for:

  1. Reading TO the child
  2. Reading WITH the child
  3. Allow the child to read FROM the Seedling 

In the beginning, the child is dependent on their parent/caregiver to read to them. With time, the child becomes independent and is able to read by themselves.

ApSeed's overarching goal is to eliminate the 30 Million Word Gap. This gap was discovered in a study conducted by Hart and Risley. The 30 Million Word Gap found that the average child in a non-SES family hears 45 million words. A SES child hears only 15 million words.  And many of those 15 million words are negative. We provide reading materials and three years of support as an "early intervention" method to erase the 30 Million Word Gap. We distribute Seedlings through virtually every early childhood location in our target markets. 

Our bold vision to success is to have the highest third grade reading pass rate in the country. Learning via eReaders is more accepted now. The children we reach increase literacy by using the customized eReader we provide. We are helping children build their vocabulary at an early age. 

Currently, approximately 3,600 Seedlings will be use by July, 2018 with a goal of 6,000 by year end. We are in a hurry!