Program Overview

Our target market is low socio-economic status (SES) children aged 0-4. ApSeed provides a customized pre-reader (Seedling), at NO cost to low SES children for a three-year period. The Seedling is uniquely designed to improve literacy and strengthen vocabulary.

The parents/caregivers are needed to teach their child:

  1. HOW to learn to read

  2. LEARN to read

  3. READ to learn

Infants are dependent on their parent/caregiver. The child becomes independent as he/she ages. Now they can read by themselves.

ApSeed's overarching goal is to narrow the 30 Million Word Gap, which was written by Hart and Risley. The 30 Million Word Gap found that the average child in a high SES family hears 45 million words. A SES child hears only 15 million words.  And many of those 15 million words are negative. We provide reading materials and three years of support as an "early intervention" method to narrow the 30 Million Word Gap. We distribute Seedlings through virtually every early childhood location in our target markets. 

Our bold vision to success is to have the highest third grade reading pass rate in the country! Learning via pre-readers is more accepted now. The children we reach increase literacy by using the customized pre-reader we provide. We are helping children build their vocabulary at an early age. 

Currently, we have 6,000 Seedlings in use. We plan to have 10,000 in use by the end of 2019.


Very Early Intervention

The Seedling is familiar, easy to learn and use. The Seedling is fun for the mother, parent/caregiver and the child throughout the developmental stages, ages 0-4.

By giving a Seedling to parents early in the life of their child, we give them plenty of time to become familiar with value and methods.  

Our model is scalable. We are "vertically integrated" - device design, production, assembly, distribution and three years of management. The three years of management includes: 1) the device, 2) case, 3) accessories,4) research and 5) unlimited device replacement, should it break. We plan to distribute 10,000 Seedlings in 2019. We are in a hurry! We are excited! We want to expand our footprint.


Our Monitoring Process

After the Seedlings are distributed, ApSeed monitors Seedling usage. We use automated system of e-mails and data retrieval through Zoho surveying company. Our design allows us to keep track of who opened the message, who responded, and who has not responded. These data measure the impact on the Kindergarten assessment pass rate. 

Our latest survey from December 2018 found: the children are using the Seedling and between 1-2 hours a day, no favorite app, the Seedling has improved focusing for the child, and the Seedling is helping parents teach their child because the pre-reader is easy to use. And it’s WORKING!


Bold Intention

Our Measurable BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

1) In 3 years (short-term goal) increase Kindergarten Assessment pass rate from 70% to 90%,

2) In 7 years (mid-range goal) significantly increase Third Grade Reading Test pass rate from 22% to 50%,

3) In 10 years (long-term goal) dramatically reduce remediation, increase economic development, and participating school will districts receive “A” Grades.

Today, we are working in two counties in North Carolina - Rowan and Davie. Our model can expand as funding becomes available. We hope to connect the entire state of NC. So that we can embrace our concept. As well as, develop a statewide early childhood intervention program. We intend to disrupt the stagnation of low SES learning. By giving ALL children a chance to be Grade proficient in Kindergarten and First grade. We can and WILL break the poverty cycle. That's our bold intention.