February 11th 2019 - Erik Lipscomb

The stretch of road that all children know is having a birthday. Sesame Street and the colorful creatures that live there are turning 50 this year.

CBS Sunday Morning celebrated the upcoming event by giving viewers a backstage look at the show. Sesame Street has been educating children since it first aired on November 10, 1969. Sesame Street has been a huge influence on ApSeed as we are both helping children prepare for Kindergarten. When designing the Seedling, we looked to Sesame Street for inspiration. We wanted to make a portable and interactive device that mirrored what they were trying to teach.

Sesame Street will live on for many generations to come as the foundation for scholastic success has not changed. Much like Sesame Street, ApSeed is committed to making sure that every child walks into Kindergarten with these skills mastered. 

Please join ApSeed and generations of people around the world in saying “Happy 50th Sesame Street!” and thank you.


7 Dumb Things We All Say

Nobody wants to say dumb things. But we all do. The first step towards reducing the number of dumb things you say is to know what the dumb things are. Based on thirty years of research with millions and millions of conversations, this book contains the secrets of overcoming these blunders:

Using Bad Bookends

Starting with Wrong First Words

Not Choosing Your Words Well

Poor Questions and Bad Listening

Focus-on-Me Attitude

Wrong Tone

Not Diffusing Difficult Drama

7 Dumb Things We All Say is quick and enjoyable reading. Action strategies are clearly outline and prove a road map to success. If you are serious about communicating well—and like a spot of humor along the way—then this is the book for you.

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February 5th 2019 - Erik Lipscomb

Today ApSeed and The City of Salisbury joined together to provide Seedlings to City employees with children ages 0-4.  Mayor Al Heggins, Mayor Pro Tem David Post, and City Council Member Karen Alexander were in attendance to help assign the first eight Seedlings to excited City employees. 

The employees were given the short tutorial on how to instruct their children to use the Seedling. They were also made aware that ApSeed supplies FREE REPLACEMENTS for any damaged Seedlings, no questions asked.

This partnership is a dream come true for ApSeed as we fight to get every child in the city we love ready for Kindergarten.

A special thanks to Jennifer Silvia for her leadership in coordinating the event. 


January 25th 2019 - Greg Alcorn

Our internal research is telling a nice story.  Below is a link to the survey results BY AGE of the child.  It’s for Davie County.  It shows which apps are most popular as children grow from birth to four years old.

In summary, new born babies listen to the music/lullabies app, then 1-2’s gravitate to the shapes and colors and then the 3-4’s use the apps for numbers and letters.  This progression makes a lot of sense.

We can use these findings to coach parents and caregivers on selecting apps and knowing where the child should be in “Seedling proficiency”.  And, yes, we just invented that literacy category.

We are still considering third-party, independent research options.  For now, it’s full steam ahead toward helping EVERY child become kindergarten-ready.


PS  We were honored with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Service Award.  Many thanks to Phyllis Little, Dixie Dalton and Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Salisbury for this recognition.  Humbling and Inspiring.