Very Early Intervention

We provide "early, systematic intervention" by providing FREE eReaders to ALL low-income children ages 0-4 years old. This eReader is custom designed and called a Seeding. It has a protective cover, handle, and kickstand. The Seedling is loaded with literacy applications approved by Kindergarten experts for content. Specifically, these apps prepare the child for Kindergarten.

No Wi-Fi connection, camera or flashlight. The value is only to the child. We have 3,600 Seedlings “in the field”, with a goal of 6,000 Seedlings by the end of 2018.

Our model is scalable. We are "vertically integrated" - device design, production, assembly, distribution including three years of management. Recently, we built 2,000 Seedlings in two days, assembled them using another non-profit in about three weeks, create high volume distribution points and deployed in 45 days. We are "in a hurry" and are excited about expanding our footprint.